FEAR…. This is the epidemic of mankind. My goal in life is to have one 24 hour period where I didn’t fear something in my life. I’d love to meet and interview the person that doesn’t suffer from this universal disease … I don’t know if I would believe a word they said because I’ve never met anyone that lived without fear to some degree.

To live without fear and hesitation would be an absolute paradise. What kind of lifestyle could you live? How much personal power would you possess if you could meet every challenge with total faith that you were up to the task? Now

Now to the real hard question that’s been surfacing all week in my mind reading this lesson.  We learned in past weeks that we’re not body or mind but spirit(ual) and we were created by a creator (God, Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind) that is all-powerful, all-knowing and ever-present. This is a description of one powerful entity whatever you choose to call him/her.

This entity has been described as the ocean and we’re a drop out of that ocean with the same properties with unlimited potentials that most are unconscious of. This entity gives everyone free will to use this beautiful mechanism between their ears to live in any condition they choose. It can be heaven or hell and it’s totally up to the individual based on their faith, belief and the courage to step away from the ignorant masses that are unaware of their power.

Why doesn’t every person live on a higher plane of thinking and life condition? Where there is total belief there is no fear. Where there is light there is no darkness and vice versa. Where there is paralyzing fear there can be no belief. Where does this fear originate? Isn’t belief and fear total opposites? Isn’t poor self-esteem, self-confidence, self-image all cousins to ignorance and lack of belief?

Do we continue to listen to the voice of fear or belief? One voice says you can have it all and the other says lack and unmet expectations/potentials will be your lot in life.

There seems to only be two life choices, live in fear and lack or live in an abundance mentality. To live in fear is to reject your faith and belief in omnipotence, omnipresence and omniscience power. To live in abundance is to accept your inheritance and claim it and use it for the good of humanity.

Belief allows you to step out of your condition and fear keeps you in bondage for an eternity.

Is our life condition a true reflection of our belief? Dec. 09 - Sept. '10 015

“Be not afraid, only believe.”

Everyone is living their faith and belief everyday. Is it a dream or a nightmare?


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